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The impact of new technology and the need to respond ever more rapidly to change is affecting the way organisations conduct business. Our Assurance service is a dynamic one, adapting to meet new requirements, which may include new risks such as intellectual property, alliances, brand values, e Business and social responsibility, in a virtual and increasingly transparent environment.

Whatever the situation, decisions continue to be based on the quality and integrity of organisations’ financial statements and on assurances given by qualified third parties.

The evolution of our risk-based audit approach and our growing number of advisory services are directed at ensuring our work is of the highest value to our clients, enabling decisions to be made from a position of the greatest possible certainty and ensuring that every advantage can be made of new opportunities while meeting new challenges.

There are two principal elements to Assurance. Attestation services are those that provide or support an opinion given by Parker Randall and include financial statement audits and also accounting advice, preparation of accounts and reporting to regulators and other third parties. A wide range of Advisory Services include those that assist clients in developing systems and procedures that allow them to gain assurance over the operation of their organisation.

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